Tuesday, December 02, 2008

My one solo moment gone

With the holidays there are few things I have for myself. Now this is not a problem, but over the years I have curved something for me, not the kids, that I can do alone.

However this year, I caved in just a little bit.

Saturday night the kids decorated the Christmas Tree. We have a small tree, since we have a small home. But each year the kids sort the branches, spread them out and hang almost all the decorations (hubby and I hang our personal decorations). I don't touch the tree. I don't change anything, adjust or fix a single ornament.

That is all the kids help me with normally. I do the rest of the house alone. I love placing the snowmen around the house, hanging the lights and garland. I enjoy remembering where each piece came from, the ice skating snowmen from my mother in law, or the reindeer with one broken antler that I got at a craft fair our first Christmas together.

This year, Boo and I were both under the weather on Sunday. We were going to take both kids swimming Sunday night, but with Boo sick she and I stayed home. Hubby and Hunter left to meet his parents, and we got ready to watch a movie.

Boo was upset about not going swimming, but I gave her a small treat "Want to help me put up the rest of the decorations?". Her eyes got huge as she asked "Really? I can?". She bolted to the boxes just in case I changed my mind.

We got busy pulling out the countdown chalkboard, the bathroom Santa towels and stocking holders. She asked a TON of questions "Where did this one come from? Who gave you this? When did you get this one?".

We got the extra lights and I started to untangle them. Boo would pull the string so that it wouldn't get caught again, and I made my way through the line. When we finally had it all done, I asked her to hold her arms up, so that I could wrap the lights, this would prevent tangles when I was hanging them.

Once they were all wrapped I had to take a picture. It was to funny not too. Boo gave me a look, but still was able to smile for the camera. lol

We got the lights hung on the sliding door, the mantle and the entertainment center...all one string. The longest string ever. I think once I get a big tree this set would work for the entire tree.

Even though I didn't get my alone time to put out the decorations, the look on Boo face as we set everything up was wonderful. She was feeling so awful before that, and it seemed to help just a bit.


Mrs. Schmitty said...

That is such a cute picture! I hope everyone is feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like some great Mother/Daughter time for the two of you. Love the picture.
Happy Holidays!

PS: Hope you are feeling better!

K-Mom said...

Oh, what a sweet story. She'll probably remember this Christmas for the rest of her life because she got to share in such a special tradition with her mom.