Sunday, November 30, 2008

Black Friday review

That weekend is over..and thank goodness. It was an emotional weekend after a busy week.

Friday morning Big Sis and I went out shopping. Neither of us was willing to go at 4 am, but we went around 6:30. Still early, but not as bad. I was exhausted after picking up Hunter at 10:30, but it was worth it. Two of the 5 cousins are done, along with the small stuff for my kids. I also got a couple movies that were at a great price.

We had a great time, hunting down deals and finding the right things for our nephews. I found books for all the kids (mine included) at Half Price Books, my favorite place in the world. With their Early Bird deals of a $5 gift card and a 20% off coupon, I spent all of $2! For 6 books. Can't beat that. I also spent $2 on a book for me, but Big Sis let me use her gift card and coupon since she wasn't looking there at the time. Isn't she wonderful.

Next up, Wal-Mart. How flippin cute are these pajama pants for Hunter! I mean really, he is going to love them. Hunter is at the age where "matchy" pajamas are just not cool, and I will get eye rolls if I tried to get him some.

I love the pajama deals that Wal-Mart had, but they were out of Boo's size. So she got two t-shirts for the same price, and they light up. These will fit her minor "punk" faze she is going through.

Next, Walgreens. Man, were they dead! I figured they would be busier since they had Webkinz Lil'Kinz buy one/get one free. I got 4, two for Boo, and two for later. She loves the Lil'Kinz, they are the ones she sleeps with the most. Plus, they are great for the stocking!

After this we hit Target. They had the movies for so very cheap. I got 27 Dresses ($9.99), I Am Legend ($3.98), Annie ($3.98) and Maid of Honor ($5.98). Plus I got another one for a gift, but can't talk about that one. lol

At Target I also got one of the cousins done with this, and this. When my sister in law told me he had NONE, I almost fell over and got the tub. A boys needs these, a must have in my mind.

After this we went to Kohl's, and walked right back out again. Not going to happen. At 9:30 the line was STILL wrapped around the inside to check out. Not so much.

We went to Michael's and Bed Bath and Beyond after this. Michael's had wrapping paper for cheap and Big Sis needed a pizza cutter from Bed Bath and Beyond. I could have stayed in those stores forever.

We headed home after this, and man I wish I could have taken a nap. Hunter had a dentist appointment, and I was on the hunt for a 2 foot Mickey Mouse. Never got that, but something better in my mind.

Oh, and no cavities for Hunter! Yippee! But we get the wonderful pleasure of visiting the Orthodontist next month. Joy!

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