Monday, November 03, 2008

Strep by strep

What does strep look like at your house? Kids sprawled on the couch, water and juice being drank, and low energy right???

I stinkin wish!!!

This is what strep looks like at my house...normal.

I can't get the girl to sit still to save my life! I had to threaten early bed time to get her to sit down. She ate TWO helpings of Tacos, has had two Popsicles, two pieces of Halloween Candy and is looking for more.

I know that the normal appetite is a good thing, but can I get a quiet sick day just once?



Not even movies are enticing her.

And we have another day of this tomorrow. Stupid strep.


Shannon ( said...

We just had Kiki to the doctor today and they said she has strep too. Although I do have to say that she has spent the majority of these past two days on the couch! Hope Boo feels better soon!

K-Mom said...

I hope Boo gets to feeling better soon. She must have a very high tolerance for pain because the last time I had it, it hurt to breathe. Just the passing of air across my vocal chords was excrutiating!