Monday, November 03, 2008

The night before

Tomorrow is a big day.

Tomorrow is a day that will change our country no matter who wins the Presidential Election.

While I won't tell you who I am voting for, there are many things I have considered.

Both candidates have Health Care plans that could put me out of a job, and that scares me with today's economy. Both candidates have economic plans that are less than ideal, but which works for you is something you must research.

One candidate has an Education plan that I can get on board with, while the other leaves a nasty taste in my mouth. Immigration reform, the War, Terrorism and Energy. There are even more important topics, and more that hit home for so many. Unemployment, Taxes and Women's Rights.

I hope that everyone has done their research, and made the best choice for them and their family.

Boo has been learning a little about the Presidential Election the past couple weeks at school. She knows who both Obama and McCain are, and what they are running for. At 6 years old she has her own opinions about who should win, for all the local races as well.

If you ask her about Norm Coleman or Al Franken, she will give you her opinion. If you ask her about Michelle Bachman, she will tell you about the interview on Hardball.

Kids know what is happening in the country tomorrow, and not only because we vote at their schools. Kids are subject to the ads as much as we are, and they know when someone is playing nasty.

I have noticed that the ads are more vicious this time around, for any race. McCain attacking Obama, Franken attacking Coleman. It has been hard to stomach, and forces a changing of the channel. We have watched a lot of movies the past couple weeks. We just can't take anymore.

While the world is watching the election tomorrow, I will be also be counting done the stop of the campaign ads. I am ready for this part to be over, and ready to move forward as a country united.

Make sure your vote is heard. It is your right to vote, so please take the time to find your polling place and VOTE!!!

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Jody said...

Tomorrow may be the longest day ever...