Sunday, November 23, 2008


For over a year we have heard whining. Tears that it hadn't happened.

For months we have worked to make this happen. Checking everyday to see if it was ready to go.

For weeks we have dealt with the pain, using anything to make it go just a bit faster.

For the past week I have been sick of hearing about it, waiting impatiently for it to happen so we could move on.

Yesterday it finally happened.

Boo's tooth came out!!!!!

After me telling her for two days that if she would just twist it a little it would come out, she did. And she squealed with excitement.

We gave her a box to put her tooth in, so the Tooth Fairy wouldn't have any problems finding it under her pillow (Boo moves a lot in her sleep).

This morning she came down with $2 from the Tooth Fairy (inflation), and couldn't wait to put it in her bank. Now, we wait for the next.


Jody said...

Yea! (my sister's toothfairy gives gold dollar coins)

We're celebrating Thanksgiving at the Waterpark of America... And hitting IKEA the day after. Not that we need much...

pjmomof3boys said...

Hooray! Coincidentally, we're currently reading the Junie B. Jones book about losing a tooth. Did Boo want to take it to school to show everyone like Junie B. did? :)

K-Mom said...

So $2 is the going rate? I wonder if I have a tooth I could spare! LOL!

Congrats to Boo on a major rite of passage.