Saturday, September 27, 2008

And the answer is...

So, what happens when Boo and a chair meet up?

Boo is totally my kid. The poor thing.

Tuesday night she was watching me cook dinner, when she slipped off her chair. She hit her wrist on the computer desk and then landed on it. We iced it, she had motion, even with the pain and she went to bed. No big deal right! I didn't even mention it to Ryan.

This morning, she woke up and told me in the calmest voice, that her wrist really hurt when she moved it, or when she leaned on it. Crap.

I had her to the range of motion tests that are tied to the wrist, and she could do them, they just hurt. Called my Mom...she always knows what to do. She told me to wrap it, and call the careline. So I did, and they said that because of where it hurts, she needs to see her doctor. Crap.

So, after school I took her in, she said she could make it through the day. They did Xrays, and there is a large chance that she may have fractured her growth plate in her wrist. GREAT. CRAP

When the doctor pressed on the lone red spot, and pretty swollen spot, Boo screamed and started crying instantly. The poor thing was in major pain there. I feel so bad for her.

So, the radiologist is going to look at it in the morning, and if she did in fact fracture her growth plate, she will need to be casted by Friday. CRAP.

Thankfully, it is just a nasty sprain. She still can't bear a lot of weight on it, but it is a lot better already. She has to wear a brace for at least one week, then have a re-check x-ray. The swelling is still there, and so the pain right above the growth plate.

But, besides no gym or running around, life moves on as normal. The poor girl.


Katie said...

Oh, poor thing!! I hope she's a fast healer!! :(

Jody said...

OH. MY. GOSH! That poor girl! Brenna fell off a chair onto her head the other day and didn't even get a bump!

So, no gym classes. What does she get to do instead? Something fun, I hope.

Kara said...

Ouch, but the good news is kids seem to heal faster and easier than us grown-ups!!

Anonymous said...

Poor Boo. What a bummer - but on the bright side if they cast it she can get loads of signatures on her cast from her buddies.

Shannon ( said...

I had a feeling it was some sort of injury. Her and Kiki can swap stories about broken wrists. Hopefully Boo's is NOT broken.

K-Mom said...

Oh no! I hope it feels better soon!

Heather said...

Oh no!! Poor thing! I feel her pain, I'm currently waiting on an appt to have my wrist checked out for something that I did so long ago :( I hope she doesn't need a cast!

Tricia said...

Poor thing. I hope she feels better soon and that it's not actually fractured. My son has already fractured his leg twice. He's four for goodness sake.