Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Learning in her sleep

Boo is an avid reader. She loves books, and has a ton at all times.

Car rides are filled with reading one book after another. I learned last year to keep books in the car for both kids, since Hunter is a major reader as well.

His reading tests have been off the charts the past couple years, and that makes the reader in me very proud. He has changed his preference of books lately, but that is fine. Just keep reading little man!

Last week Boo had her 1st grade reading test, and she excelled. Her teacher told me to advance her books...a lot. So, off to the book store I will go. Thank goodness we have a book thrift store nearby.

I was telling Brooke about Boo's reading test, and she was proud too. The teacher in her is always proud of each kids accomplishments. I let her know that Boo loves reading, almost always has a book in her hand, and loves going to the bookstore more than the toy store.

I was telling her how Boo sleeps with books, every night. I kid you not. I don't know if Brooke even believed me. (don't look at her mess of a bed. We clear it off every night, and it always looks like this in the morning)

Building her vocabulary by osmosis I guess.


Melody said...

It is great that she loves reading.

My older sons bed looks like that also except besides books he has clothes, cds, videos games.....

Anonymous said...

That's what Cub's bed looks like too! It doesn't matter how clean her bed is at night. Kitten's bed is turning into a little book haven as well.

Jody said...

Brenna's bed looks like that, too! Most nights I go up to look in on the girls "just one last time" and have to turn out the light and take a book out of her hands. :)

Kara said...

Isn't it amazing what kids can pile into their beds?!!

P.S. He loves you... said...

I'm a fellow twitter...and I click here to read cause it's what I love to do...infact reading is also my fav past time besides lurking at others whole side of the family loves to dh side and our 1st born son don't have this desire...and this is not fun when I have a really really good book going my younger two show promise they love to be read to.

I've heard read and seen that if you can read and read well everything else comes so naturally, happy for you!

pjmomof3boys said...

It's so exciting when your kids start reading on their own and develop a love for books! My first-grader has also really taken off in reading. I'm so proud when I lay down with him to read one of his Magic Tree House books with him before bed and he says, "Oh, I already read that chapter after you read to me last night." Taking him to the library is also fun. He's so excited to look up books on the computer and search for them. Now, being a BOY and all, if only he could KEEP this love of reading, I'll be a happy girl!

The picture of Boo in her bed is so precious.

anymommy said...

That picture is amazing! I laughed out loud. What a wonderful gift to give your kids. We read to ours every night and I'm holding my breath that they will love to read as much as I do.

K-Mom said...

As a fellow bookworm, I can appreciate how wonderful it must be to see your children developing the same love for books.

Books have gotten me through tough times, they're like old friends.