Monday, September 17, 2007

Oh the books...

I am a reader, a major reader. My favorite thing to do next to spending time with the fam is to curl up with a book. I will read almost anything once. I am not a fan of the "Lord of the Rings" books, but I have read them all. I can still recite parts of the original Alice in Wonderland, and love to reread Charlotte's Webb with the kids. There is nothing better than a good book.

However, there is a problem when my dear hubby finds my books all over the house, my car and the garage. I have them everywhere. People ask me why I don't use the library, but that doesn't work as well. I forget to bring them back, then pay fines. I love my books, and hate to give them back.

What brought this up is the new book case hubby got for me. We have been living with a long clumsy book case, and it sits in my entry way. It takes up a lot of room, and makes it hard to get into the closet. A pain is what it is. So, hubby found me a tall book case that is no where near as wide, and much more stable. Books won't fall out the back, and I can't stack things on top.

So, I have been going through my books, binging what I don't HAVE to have, and keeping what I love and need. I have made hard decisions but, easy ones. JD Robb is a MUST have, along with John Grisham. I love Nora Roberts and Nicholas Sparks, but there are some books I just don't care for. Binge and purge I go. My mom will be happy with the books she gets to choose from this weekend, when I show her the three boxes of books that are marked for giveaway. Whatever she doesn't want, will go to Goodwill, so someone who wants new books can have some.

What books can you not live without?

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Vikki said...

saw your comments of Rocks-in-my-dryer and thought I'd say hello!

I have the same library/book-issue as you! I have no where to keep them all, so right now they're in boxes. I can't afford to buy new ones, so I borrow from my mom right now - at least she doesn't charge me late fees :)