Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I am sitting here trying to figure out what in the world to write about.

Do I talk about the strange questions Boo has been asking me? Or about how I somehow got sweet talked into getting her a Camp Rock t-shirt the day after she saw it the first time (big SUCKER sign on my head

How about the fact that Hunter is bringing a friend to the cabin for the VERY FIRST TIME this weekend (that is major for us)? Or about how he is having the best summer outside everyday?

I have NO CLUE!! I am having blogging brain issues.

The lists for this weekend and next week are coming out of my ears and warping what I want to write into slop.

Yes, slop.

I am not proud, but I must pawn a picture of Boo with her baseball medal and certificate.

That is what I have today.

And maybe tomorrow...

And isn't she cute!!


Mrs. Schmitty said...

Cute? Absolutely she is!!

Kara said...

Isn't summer fun! Love the picture, too cute.

Kellan said...

Way to go Boo - she is darling!!!

Have a good Thursday - see you - Kellan