Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Again...brain is mush.

Today was spent at doctor appointments, grocery shopping, learning how to make the BEST potato salad EVER and making rhubarb crisp. Plus we have friends in town for the holidays, and we getting ready for the cabin.


But, I do want to share something. Today at the grocery store I saved a TON of money. I went to both our local grocery stores, because one store had some things on sale, and the other had the rest of it. So, I spent $95, which isn't a lot (unless you count the fact that 90% of it was for one weekend, not even a full week), and saved...

Are you ready???

$55!!! That is right...$55!!! One store had double coupon day, and while you can only use up to 6, I milked that for ALL IT WAS WORTH! I saved $20 there between the coupons and the in store sales. The other store had the higher priced items (soda and hamburger). Everything I bought was on sale, except for one thing.

I was amazed! I wasn't prepared for it to be such a savings, but I am not going to argue with it!

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