Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Early morning biking

So...as you know Boo learned how to ride her bike this weekend. Can we talk about how excited she is about it! It probably makes it ten times more exciting when Big Sis shows up with a wonderful bike accessory and Gama brings HSM musical stickers and large band aids.

Tuesday morning we were waiting for Ryan to get home so we could leave for the day (long story on that one). She was sitting next to me in the garage, and looking around.

Me: What's up hun?

Boo: Nothin...just thinking.

Me: 'bout what?

Boo: Nothing...just thinking about riding my bike.

Me: When we get home?

Boo: No...now. Be back.

Seriously?? So at 7:30 in the morning Boo was riding her bike up and down the driveway. When Ryan got home we put her bike in the back of the truck so she could ride at daycare.

A Monster...I tell you.


Madeleine said...

AH! I remember when the kids learned to ride their bikes, I couldn't get them off!!

And now, though my daughter is almost 20 and has a car, she still rides her bike to do errands! She still loves it. :)

Jody said...

Brenna is very excited to ride her bike- with training wheels. She's finally got it...Soon we'll be able to sell the bike trailer... OK, maybe not, but I like to think so...

K-Mom said...

I think it's sweet that riding a bike was really all that was on her mind. Ahhh...youth!

I miss being a kid somedays.

Maureen @ Wisconsin Mommy said...

My little guy was waking up at 6 am to ride when he first got his bike - thank goodness my husband likes an early morning jog!

Melody said...

I remember how exciting it was when C first started riding his bike. Now I can't imagine what it was like before. It is so great when they accomplish those milestones.

anymommy said...

I would be in love with any activity my kids did alone at 7 in the morning! Sound wonderful.

Well Behaved Krissy said...

Lo loves to ride his bike as much as he can too. So cute.

Anonymous said...

Good for her! The Bean has just mastered pedaling on the tricycle. I know she'll be so excited when she gets to the bicycle!

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