Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Clean your room!!

So my house is going down the tubes...cleaning wise. I have been having the hardest time keeping up with things, and it will not get better as the winter holidays get closer.

So I have an idea, and would LOVE your opinions.

A chore list, who does what and on what days.

While Boo is 6, she can still do chores. I did chores until the day I moved out of my parents house, and they started when I was very young.

I am not talking just cleaning your room, that is standard no way around it normal. I mean, cleaning the cluttered hallway, helping with a bathroom or sweeping. She is more than ready, and lives here too! lol

Hunter already takes one of the bathrooms on his weekends here. Yes, he is only here for maybe 10 days the month, but he is a messy boy, and needs to chip in too. Plus, he like to play the "None of my friends have to do chores" card, and that makes me want to give him more to do. I am just mean like that I guess.

My point you may be wondering...

What do you have your kids do as chores. How old were they when you started having them do chores?

I am looking for input please! I am so unclear where to start with this, but it needs to be done.


K-Mom said...

Even though Miss Priss is only two, I fully intend to give her chores to do. I think learning to contribute to the household translates into a bigger lesson of learning to be a good citizen.

When we were kids, my parents expected to come home from work to a clean house. Of course, we would sit around in a pig sty all day, but come 4:30, there was some MAJOR cleaning going on!!

Kara said...

Well, I think chores are a great way to teach responsibility and respect for your belongings. Poor Soph started doing chores around 4 because Em was six. We've done lists and now it's just a when I ask they do type of thing. They started earning an allowance and they know they have to earn it or miss it for that week:)

Well Behaved Krissy said...

I'm all for chores too and looking to make a chore list of my own this week. We're on the same wavelength.