Thursday, July 10, 2008 are you answers Part 2

Part two of the answers to questions. This is a lot of fun. If you haven't done it on your blog, you should. It is really making me think.

World's Greatest Mommy said... You get to go back in time and redo one decision. Which one do you redo?

What's your guilty indulgence that you have to have to function?

If I could go back...I would have stuck with college and at least got my two year degree. I was not mentally ready for school after I finished high school. I much rather would have worked my two jobs, I am still a work-aholic.

My guilty wise it is pasta. I could eat it all day long. I think we have pasta in some form at least twice a week. Yum!

There are other indulgences that I being One Tree Hill. Love it! Love Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton!

Well Behaved Krissy said... Tell me three things that you find yourself avoiding doing when you sit down to blog. :)

When I sit down to blog, I think most of all I am avoiding cleaning. Right now, I should so be cleaning Boo's room since she is gone. I don't like to clean, but it must be done. I usually stay up later to get it done in the end. After that it is cooking. I like to cook, but I am still learning to really enjoy it, and be good at it. I also avoid going to bed. I am a night owl, and not a morning person at all. I like to be up late getting things done, when no one can bug me.

Sarah J (non blogger) asked...What are your best memories from growing up? Love the idea of this, thanks!

Growing up was fun. My siblings and I used to spend our summers at the park across the street. There was a program called Park Program, and there were counselors and activities all day long. We would go on field trips, have huge park wide capture the flag tournaments and play mancala all day long (we called it the bean game).

I also loved spending time outside. My brother and I would build forts in the snow, ride bikes through the city and climb trees. There would be ball tournaments, practise and games.

When the days just had nothing going on, we would go to the library. It was right across the street! No wonder I am addicted to reading. We could sit and read, watch movies or play computer games. We came to be on a first name basis with the head Librarian. I even went to her retirement party.

Stay tuned for part 3!

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Jody said...

Fun! I always "think" about doing this but never seem to get around to it. Go figure!

And I'm with you on the pasta... Maybe I will post my baked spaghetti recipe over at Fab Food Friday tomorrow in your honor! :)