Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I had some flashbacks to my youth yesterday...it was fun to watch.

Tim and Katie were very excited about all the snow we got Sunday night, and even more excited that they didn't have school, so they could play in it. About 8 inches was the final total for our neck of the woods, and it was the ligh fluffy snow. Cleaning off my car was easy enough, as was the shoveling we did. The plows came through around 12, and then the kids were let loose. They spent about 2 hours outside playing the snow. Throwing (loose) snowballs at each other, digging holes, and finally deciding to dig a fort into the snow.

After debating where it should go, how big it will be, and will they share or each have their own...it was decided to put it on the side of the driveway in the hill made by the plows. This way, they could make it bigger. We worked on it for about an hour, and yes I helped. We even brought some water out to set the walls.
My brother and I used to do this all the time. My mom had a garden right on the end of our driveway, and Dad would shovel all the snow into a big pile. We would dig it out and make our little winter house. Once we had it gutted enough, it would be sprayed with water to keep it from falling apart when more snow came. Such good times...

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Anonymous said...

Those were the good ol days werent they. Remember when we built that one when the fence was still up. I think that was the haloween storm.