Friday, July 18, 2008

Are you?

Want to know a secret?

I am a crier.

Not as much a sad crier (though I do that as well).

I am a angry crier (it makes important conversations interesting)

And a movie/tv/commercial crier.

The Hallmark commercials...I cry almost every time (the one with the older man learning to read did me in).

That Foldgers commercial...oh yeah I am gone.

But movies and TV shows are the worst. I cried when Meredith fell in the water on Grey's, when Trevor came home on Army Wives and even when Ross and Rachel broke up.

I am a crier.

So today, I am reading Iowa Geek, and she had a crying hangover (those are the worst!). She watched P.S. I Love You, and said it was a crying movie. I want to see it, and have it in queue on Netflix. But I don't think it will be one Hubby will watch with me. He doesn't like things that make me cry...ever.

The worst part...when I cry at award shows. When people win things, I am a mess. The speeches do me in every single time. Hubby and I don't want the ACM's together anymore, ever since I cried when Kenny Chesney first won Entertainer of the Year.

Another bad thing...Boo is now a crier too. She has cried at shows...and I am not proud that she has taken this trait from me. Hopefully she won't be as bad, but you can never tell.

What trips your faucet? something different all together. I want to see if I am the only strange one out here.


Megan (FriedOkra) said...

Oh yes I are! Movies, mostly, but I'll tell you what - for a few months after B was born, I pretty much cried whenever I was awake. Al thought I'd completely gone over the edge.

Katie said...

I am totally a crier, too. Best part is, my husband isn't a crier, but I've gotten him to shed a tear at certain moments. Definitely, our wedding and when the kids were born, but one day he came home from work with tears in his eyes because he listened to "Christmas Shoes" on the radio for the first time! Now he hates that song! Haha!! Ooooh...songs on the radio always make me cry.

Crystal said...

pretty much anything sad can make me tear up! I think my boy is that way too, considering he cried at Wall*E!

Anonymous said...

Me too. That Foldger's commercial gets me every time - goosebumps and all. I have to say that I don't cry at awards shows - get excited yes, but no tears. And the anger crying is my worst trait - especially when it happens at work.

Kara said...

I cry at those commercials too! I cried all the way down the aisle to my very frightened husband (he thought I was sad we were getting married). I tend to cry when I'm really happy about something, definitly a tears of joy kind of gal:)

K-Mom said...

I am a total sucker for anything that tugs at the heart strings. Hubby can't stand to see me cry, so when we're having an important discussion (read: fight), I can't cry, because the minute I do, fight's over...which isn't always a good thing.

He says it's like seeing baby seals get clubbed when I cry!

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge crier. My eyes also water at random times, particularly when telling stories, even if they're not sad. It's quite embarrassing, really.

Anonymous said...

The ASPCA commercial (with Sarah McLachlan singing 'In the Arms of an Angel') has me to the point where I just change the channel because I bawl like a baby.

But I also cry when I'm intimidated. Before the company I work for changed ownership and management, I would cry EVERY SINGLE TIME I had to talk to the CEO. It got to the point where I would just walk into his office for whatever reason, and he'd pull out the tissue box. Luckily, after 6 years it became a joke around the office, but still, after 6 years I couldn't stop crying in front of him.

I also cry when I THINK I've disappointed someone important to me (mainly the husband, kids or my dad).

pjmomof3boys said...

I used to cry ALL THE TIME, but now, post-Happy pills, it seems I NEVER cry. Not that I don't get angry or sad or frustrated. But the tears just don't come. Sometimes I'm worried that I won't be able to cry someday when I really need to! My husband, however, cries at commercials, TV shows, sports awards speeches, anything that has absolutely nothing to do with his own life. Sometimes it really drives me crazy! :)