Monday, June 09, 2008

My happy place!!

This past weekend was the true sign of summer. The major garage sale in my city. It is 150 sales, all within walking distance of each other, in one community. It is fabulous!!

This is the type of sale where you bring a stroller, but carry the baby in a snugly so you have a place to put your purchases. You have the wagon, for all the things you buy. You eat a hot dog at 8 am, and have another by 10. It is wonderful!!

We left the house at 7:30, to drive about a mile to park and get ready. When we got there we parked in the first spot, close to a main road. This is for easy exit when we are all done.

We don't normally have a game plan, but do have lists of what we are looking for. My main thing this year was clothes for the kids, and to build Boo's future book collection. My mother in law was looking for bedding, and we were all on the hunt for a great deal.

I found a TON of Boo size clothes for .50 each. Jackpot! They only had one pair of pants, but I got a bunch of shirts. Most of which were long sleeved for fall. That is always a great find. I found her a bunch of books, and even one for me! I didn't find much for Hunter, everything was WAY overpriced (I will NOT pay $4 for jeans, I can go to a thrift store and pay less). But we hit the jackpot for him last time.

My sister in law found a loft bed that sells for $200 at Ikea for $50! And it was only one year old. Now that is a great deal.

The day started out gloomy and overcast, and we did get a little rain in the beginning, but then it was warm...really warm. The kids were getting cranky towards the end, but they had a blast.

All in all, it was a great morning at the garage sales. We got home at 12:30, unloaded the cars, and then headed for my brother in laws pool. A perfect way to end the day.

Did I mention that the garage sales were right by Boo's school. It was like Kindergarten reunion! She ran into 4 friends, and after two days they were all going through withdrawal.

Any garage sale success this weekend???

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