Thursday, June 05, 2008

And we are done with year one

I can't believe that Kindergarten is over. It has flown by. Boo has grown so much, and changed even more. We ran into her preschool teacher a couple weeks ago, and she was amazed. Boo read her a book in the middle of Target, it was a very proud Mommy moment.

Boo has learned a lot this year, and has opened up to so many new things. She is the kid that is friends with everyone, and won't leave people out. She gets mad when people are mean to others, and wants to help everyone who needs it.

She can add and subtract numbers to 10, make a book about her music teacher and sing a ton of songs about sweets and treats. She has had two friends from school move away to foreign countries, and learned the customs of those countries.

Boo will spend the summer days with her two best guy friends, learning to ride a bike, swim and just be "one of the guys", and there is no place she would rather be. There will be a week at Grandpa's going to creative camp. Trips to the cabin, camping and fishing. Tickle fights with Hunter and Dad, and torturing her brother to no end.

I can't wait to see what 1st grade brings, but I know it will be wonderful.

We are so proud of you Boo!! Congrats on the last day of Kindergarten!!

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Mrs. Schmitty said...

Happy Graduations Day Boo!

P.S. Love the new header!