Monday, March 31, 2008

Ok seriously now...

Last month I wrote a note to Mother Nature, asking where our snow was in MN. We were WAY below our average, while other places (Madison for example) was almost triple their normal snow total. All I wanted was a snow day, so we could take the day and throw the rules out the window. Is that really to much to ask? I think not!

Now, when I asked for a snow day, I meant a SNOW DAY. But no.

Two Weeks Ago: First we got 5 inches. Mostly overnight and into the morning. No local schools closed. Fine, whatever. Boo was happy since she could play outside.

Good Friday: 4 days later we got 10 inches total. 4 before I left for work and rest of the course of the day. I have some great shots I will post a little later.

Today: Now, this morning when I left for work there was grass. It has started to turn green, the birds were getting louder in the morning and the kids could wear lighter coats and snow pants.

Right is nasty. Just plain nasty. Hunter's school got out three hours early, but not Boo's. We have had snow, wind and rain since about 8 this morning, and it is nasty out. They are worried about power lines and trees going down, and the safety of driving after the temperature drops a bit. It is a sloppy mess now, but could turn into slippery mess after a while.

Now, I am not saying I am jealous...ok I am, but humor me. I grew up in snow storms that left you stuck at work, with no where to go. I was 11 when we had the Halloween Blizzard (not a snow storm, but a BLIZZARD)in 1991. Talk about fun Trick or Treating (yes I did go out, it was a blast. We were the only kids on the much candy...). If you want see snow totals, go read this article about it. Now that was a lot of snow.

Now, it is March 31st. Now the snow is coming. Spring has started, but not in Minnesota I guess. 5 months of cold just isn't enough I guess.

Is it bad when my 6 year old asks when the snow will be gone? She wants to ride her bike the poor kid.

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Momma Mac said...

Cub saw the snow and started crying, she is so sick of winter!