Saturday, February 23, 2008

Excuse me please...

I have a small bone to pick with Mother Nature...nothing huge. Simple really.

Where is our SNOW!!!

Iowa is getting nailed left and right, same with Wisconsin. Even New York, Illinois and Kentucky for pete's sake. What about us in Minnesota? I want a snow day! I want to spend the day drinking hot chocolate, playing games, making snow men and letting the rules slide away. I want a day where Boo, Hunter, Hubby and I can snuggle under the blanket and watch Transformers on the couch. I would love to have a day where the timetables don't matter, and we can wear pj's all day if we want to.

Where is our snow day?

Last year we only had one snow day, and that was in February. We didn't get a real good snow fall at all until then. We have had a couple good snow falls, but in Minnesota it takes at least 8 inches in the city for a snow day. It is a vicious cycle that makes snow days happen. The outer city schools close first. It doesn't take much wind to make white out conditions in areas without many buildings. Then it is the charter schools. They close to make the buses available for the regular school districts. Then it moves to the semi-metro schools. These ones don't close unless ALL the outer schools close, and at least one other semi-metro school closes. No one wants to be first! Lastly are the two main school districts in Minnesota. If these two close, you KNOW there is a major snow day on the way. When they close it makes phone calls happen..."Did you see Minneapolis closed? I am watching the weather to see what is happening". They hardly EVER close, to many kids...

We are in the semi-metro area, so we hardly ever close. Sure, afternoon activities may be canceled, or late start, but no out-right cancellation.

I want a snow day!! Just that to much to ask?

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Jody said...

I'll gladly trade you. The snow is coming down- again!- in huge white puffs- almost like wet cotton.

UGH! Vacation in 4 days can't come soon enough!