Friday, February 15, 2008

Gloves in a Bottle - Review

One of the many great things about blogging is the opportunity to review products for companies. I haven't earned many chances yet, but am so grateful for this one.

I was asked to review Gloves in a Bottle. It is a lotion that is supposed to protect your skin from the harsh things in the world, whether that be weather, water or chemicals. It bonds with your skin to create a barrier for your skin, one that will not come off when you wash your hands. It is a thin lotion, with no odor. There is no residue, and it doesn't transfer to other surfaces (clothes, paper and hair for example).

Now, I work at a desk all day long. I work with paper a great deal, and paper draws out the moisture in your hands. Paper cuts are a common thing for me. Especially in the winter time.

Don't even get me started on the winters here in the Minnesota. We go from 40+ degrees to -12 in just two days. This can reek havoc on your skin. I have torn cuticles, peeling skin and itch from the harsh weather.

Last week I started using Gloves in a Bottle as my daily moisturizer. When I first put it on, I wasn't to sure it would do the job. There was no moisture left on my hands after I had used it, something I have been so used to. I then saw the difference! I got to work, took off my rings ready to put more lotion need!! My hands were great, and my arms were fabulous! No new layer of lotion for me! The directions said to apply every 4 hours, so at the 4 hour mark I added some, even though I didn't seem to need it. Again, no oily aftermath of putting on lotion.

Fast forward three hours later, bathroom time. I washed my hands, and went to put lotion on, but NO NEED!! My hands were as soft as they had been before I washed them. That did me in, I haven't stopped using the lotion since!

You can order this lotion online at the Gloves in a Bottle website. The prices are a bit high for lotion, but when you can get 120 uses out of one bottle, if not more depending on how you use it, it well worth the price. It is also available at many stores, including the textile shop one block from me!! I am not sure what the prices are in the store, but again, very much worth it.

There are testimonials on the website, from doctors to seamstresses. All have said that they wouldn't trade their Gloves in a Bottle for anything. I am starting to agree. From the harsh Minnesota Weather to the everyday tasks I have to tackle, this is a great lotion!

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