Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Great Cookie Bake Off is complete

I was going to do this later, but since Hubby is playing cards with the neighbors, why not.

The Great Cookie Bake Off was a huge success! We made 7 different types of holiday snacks, and had lunch. It was a great day!
We started out making sugar cookies so they would be cool for the kids to decorate. Boo and her friend had the best time. They made ones with patterns, stripes, chunks of colors and very simple. The creativity of children always amazes me. We had about 3 dozen in the end. Only one casualty, but Hubby ate it as quality control.
Next up was the Corn Flakes Wreathes. We used to make these all the time growing up, and it was a true throw back day. Both of the kids took turns stirring up the marshmallows with the butter, Sister and I took over once we added the corn flakes. The kids made a ton of mini wreathes, and even hid some of the cinnamon dots under leaves so whoever ate them would get a surprise! Such nice kids we had baking today.

After we ate lunch, the kids started dipping pretzels, which got boring pretty quick, and Simpson's Operation was calling their names. Sister and I took over, and once again insults were (jokingly) thrown and chocolate landed on hands instead of pretzels. It was great! We did a bunch of pretzels in two shifts, with others in between.

We made these too, since they are one of Sister's favorites. I still can't get over how easy they are. There are enough to bring to work on Monday, they have been asking about the cookies.

We also started some Peppermint Bark, even though I didn't think we would get too. Sister wanted to see how to do it so she could bring some to work as well. It is so easy and doesn't take much time at all.

We made these, only with green and red to fit the season. We also didn't use the bread pan, rolled them thinner and cut them prior to baking. Just like Mom used to make! Good thing she was here to remind us.

Last but very much not least we made the fabulous wonderful Peanut Butter Blossoms. Oh my. So. Very.Good! I have eaten way to many already, but that is the joy of being the honorary taste tester. Nominated by me of course! Boo loves making these, has the best time rolling the dough in sugar and pushing down the Hershey's Kiss. We used a different recipe then normal, straight off the Kiss wrapper. They are so good. Hang on...have to wipe the drool off. (Yes Brooke...I am making more since these are being inhaled!!)

Even with the 6" of snow we got today ( and it is still coming down a little bit), we baked the day away. My hands hurt they are so dry from all the dishes and hand washing. My feet and knees are aching like they only do when I cook a lot. We had three burns, Me, Sister and Boo, but mine is the worst, and in the worst spot. Sister and Boo have them on a knuckle, me...4 inches down the inside of the arm. It is a real talent to hear "Careful of that pan" then reach for something and HIT THAT PAN. Boo took care of me, held my arm under the cold water and kept checking on it throughout the day. Such a good heart she has.

I love baking with Sister, she is so good at it, and I am just okay. But together we are fabulous. The kids had a great time, and Hubby handled us all day very well.

Thanks Sister!!!


My Semblance of Sanity said...

I don't think I have made that many Christmas cookies in my (almost) 15 years of marriage.


You are showin' us up sista!!!

Nicki said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sounds like you and your sister had as much fun making cookies as my mom and I did. We also made the chocolate M&M pretzels. They are so simple and the kids love to help with them! Have you tried them with peanut M&Ms? Yummy!