Thursday, November 08, 2007

So proud

My husband has this issue, a dental one, that has been long running and sometimes painful. We haven't taken care of it due to financial issues. It is not fun, and I feel so bad for him. Well, when his company got bought out this past year, he got new dental insurance. Today we had our first of many appointments, and got the ball rolling. Now we are waiting for another dentist to call us back for an appointment. Hopefully in the next few weeks or so.
*update: we take the next step December 10th...hope it goes as planned!*

I am very proud of how Hubby handled today. It is not easy for him to go through this, and he was a real trooper. I know...he is not 5, but he has a major fear of dentists and needles, so this was a huge deal. He was disappointed that he didn't get a sucker though...from the dentist. Hmmm...may need to think on that in the future!

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