Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Losing three...gaining 6...

That doesn't quite add up does it?

Yesterday I had to call T's mom about conferences this week. After chatting about that and how he has recovered so nicely from giving us heart attacks with the major stomach thing he had last week, she told me a lovely tooth story that made me cringe 20 miles away.

Monday night they were running some errands. T bit into a Tootsie Roll, and his back (way back) molar came almost completely out. There was blood everywhere! The poor kid was trying so hard to make it stop, mom was shoving Kleenex at him, and they were driving down the rode.

After they finally got it stopped in the McDonald's bathroom, they realized that his tooth was most likely going to come out. It isn't one of the molars that he isn't supposed to loose until he is almost 12! T is only 10! So we hoped that it would in some way "reattach" itself. No such luck. Being a normal kid he played with it, and it was dangling by one little piece. Mom ripped it out, and saw that he already has the permanent molar coming through, which explains why the tooth came out so easy and so fast.

Not only that, but he has 4 other molars coming in. The kid isn't going to have any teeth left! Of course, the two teeth that he needs to lose before he gets braces are no where near ready to come out, that would make to much sense.

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