Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The weekend away

A weekend at the cabin is just what we all needed. The time was prefect for us. Mellow, warm, fun and exciting.
Tim got to spend the time with Grandma and Bumpa, he wanted that so badly. He also got to go golfing with Ryan's Dad, work on the picnic table and learn new games. He didn't want to take time out to do his reading, but we do have some base rules that don’t change no matter where we are. We spent time down at the lake, and while Tim is not impressed with the things floating around the bottom of the lake, he had a great time during the water-gun fight and chasing people around. He even got in a few trips on the boat. He caught a nice small bass off the dock, his first decent fish without bait, only the spinner. Ryan caught one too, but Tim's was bigger!
Katie on the other hand wanted to ride in the tube behind the boat. She was not impressed at all. She told me "It is to far from the sand mommy…" Awwww Not a problem, we can stick to sand things then. She made sand castle after sand castle, played in the shallow end and jumped off the dock by herself, and to other people. She did such a great job.
Ryan got to water ski again. He is such an amazement at this, that I am in shock every time. He does one ski right from the get-go, and even one handed at times. It scares me when he bends over to the side, but he knows what he is doing. He even helped Sam and Jordon get up a couple times each. He is a great teacher.
Me…I read my book, snuggled with Katie, learned a new game called Rack-O and played Phase 10 ( a really fun card game I got to sleep in with Ryan, laugh at my kids playing in the lake, and relax for the first time in a while. It was great!!
I will add pictures as I remember too. There are great ones to see!

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