Monday, January 01, 2007

Thank Goodness!!

I love the holidays, believe me I do. It is the only time of year that the entire Fritz/Felder family is together. It also means a visit with Grandma, either here or in Iowa. The kids are wired beyond anything you can ever imagine, cookies are being made left and right, and new toys and gadgets are being ripped open. It is a great time.

But I am so glad they are over. 5 Christmas celebrations in a week is a lot, you add to that the gathering for Grandma, and a birthday, it gets to be a lot. I wouldn't change any of it for the world!

We also had a great visit with Shawn who was in from Colorado. True a couple days later then originally planned, but he got here, and he still had time for us! Ryan and Amanda came up to visit at the same time, so it was a double visit. I miss Shawn when he is down on Base, so any time we have together is great.

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