Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Where has the time gone...

I have had no time to post latley. Between birthdays, anniverseries and school stuff, things have been hectic. But that is how we thrive!
Today is Ryan's 29th birthday...old man. If he wasn't so sore from playing paint ball on Sunday he may enjoy it more. Katie and I sang happy birthday bright and early this morning...even though he was at work. Katie is working at school to make him a card to give, before she goes to a birthday party for one of the girls at school. Ryan okayed it first, since he wants to go out with the guys for a little while anyway.
Katie is moving right along, and her ears are healing nicely. She loves her earrings, and how pretty they make her look. The girl cracks me up. Now she can't wait for Halloween. She is going to be Kim Possible in her cheerleader uniform...whatever....she is a cheerleader, much to her aunties dismay.
Tim is doing great in school, testing above district average for the first time ever. YEAH TIM! So excited for him. He comes for a long weekend this week, since MEA is going on. We love the extra time with him. Plus, he has a friend coming over Saturday, and that is another first. He is so excited.
After Ryan's birthday, I can sit and get ready for Christmas. We have all the dates set, and now it time to make my lists. That is the hardest part. Tim is at that age that is really hard to shop for. Wants toys, but wants big kid stuff too. No idea what so ever...Katie is easy...Polly Pockets...Barbies...books...the kid is happy. Oh well, that comes with the territory.
Those pictures are from Sever's Corn Maze...we went with Martyne and Marisol. Such a gloomy day, but we had a great time.

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