Sunday, March 07, 2010

Almost Garden Season!

Today was a day for nothing. We had nothing planned, nothing we HAD to get done. It was perfect.

And the weather, sweet mother is was FANTASTIC! We had windows down in the car, no coats...wonderful.

We are planning our garden for the year, and have spent the past few weeks talking about what we wanted, how much and where. The where is still iffy, but we know Tomatoes (duh), onions, cucumbers, peppers, green beans and snap peas. I can't wait. Fresh green beans are the best, snap peas too. Last year we had a ton from my sisters garden, and my in-laws, but this year we will grow our own.

The worst part about it, planting indoors for 6 weeks due to snow, frost and still frozen ground. Tomatoes and a couple others will have to be started indoors, but not too many. It just makes a mess of things at times. Especially since we have to find a place with sunlight that Koda won't get at. That is always a challenge.

And don't get me started on flowers. I planted some tulips on my own this fall, and I can't wait to see if they come in or not. I adore tulips. They are my favorite flower ever. But I need some more spring/summer flowers that are hearty...I kill flowers. It is really a gift I am told.

So, what flowers do you put in? What have you found that lasts? What veggies do you love to do?


melissa said...

i will have whatever my mother-in-law plants in my yard.
sadly, as much as i wish i had a green thumb, i do not!!!

Hairline Fracture said...

I don't have anything. Seriously, I (accidently) kill every plant my mother has ever given me. She has stopped trying!

Megan said...

I can offer no advice. My gardens look decent for about a month in the spring and then everything dies.

Terra said...

I have a place to make us a new garden this year. I had to give up on our old one the location was too easy for the voles, moles etc. I was just wondering today when to start planting in Colorado..we still have 2 months of snow storms ahead!

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

You are amazing. I kill everything... EVERYTHING.

I try, and try.

Maybe you could come help me... and have a margarita or two ;)