Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The list


This is me...

Ramming my head into the wall trying to get everything done that MUST get done this week.

Boo's Science project - DONE!

Boo's Sleep study - tomorrow

Register Boo for softball - tomorrow

Talk to Hunter's Mom about this summer - DONE

Pack my stuff for Boo's sleep study - tomorrow

Meet with not one but TWO principals - Friday

Figure out what to do at the hospital while Boo is having her sleep study - ummmm....

Dream of a laptop - DONE DONE DONE DONE

Help a friend with cake issues via facebook - DONE

Paperwork...paperwork...paperwork - NEVER ENDING!!! time. Must be off. Have a fantabulous night!!


Unplanned Cooking said...

And they wonder why women have a hard time shutting off at night... I'm right there with you! Good luck.

Terra said...

oh the lists...they just don't ever end!!!!!!!!

simplicity said...

The neverending lists!

On an aside, how do you work summers with Hunters mom? Just curious.