Sunday, January 03, 2010

The week

I have been pretty much hiding from the computer this past week. Not blogging much, not going on Facebook and letting Hubby check the e-mail. I wanted to disconnect for the week, spend the time with Boo. And time we did spend!

Monday was errands. All day long. We did a ton of returns, but went to the library to get books for the week. Boo was done with hers by Thursday. No all.

Tuesday we went with Big Sis to a HUGE craft store north of us. We walked around for almost three hours, it was crazy. We both loved it, and they match Michael's and JoAnn's coupons! Now that is a deal!

Wednesday was a day of friends. We went to a local Community Center to meet up with my Friend, it is half way between us. I brought another little girl, who is the cousin of the friends little girl. The four girls (total) played for almost three hours, while my friend and I got some much needed conversation and time together. It was perfect.

After that Boo, her friend and I went to see New Moon. Boo has been begging for weeks to see it, and her friend already had. Boo is still talking about it, she loved it.

Wednesday night Boo's friend K slept over. The girls had a blast watching movies and playing dress up. I ended up with both of them in my room because our neighbors Christmas Lights were on the fritz and flashing right into Boo's room.

Thursday we went to our local zoo with my Sister in Law, RC and EC. They were having a Noon Years ball drop with all kinds of activities. The Radio Disney Road Crew was there and we majorly embarrassed RC. It was fabulous. It was also Chaotic, but very well worth it. Only one injury, and that was me with the stapler. If you ask my sister in law about it she will bust out laughing and crying. It was hilarious.

Thursday night Hubby picked up some overtime, so Boo and I rang in the New Year together. Well, she made it to 11:57 before she passed out on me, but I woke her up to say Happy New Year and call Hubby.

Friday, New Years Day, was Ma's birthday. We all gathered at Lil Bro and Sister In Laws to celebrate. The kids, as always were a hit. They crack us up. Before we had dinner, the girls headed to the movies to see The Princess and the Frog. It was cute, but not a hit with our group like some previous movies. I love that they did it "old school" and not with Pixar, but it just wasn't enough...hard to explain.

After we had dinner and laughed a ton. EC is such a nut, that no matter what we are in stitches.

Saturday was bowling and our final Christmas at my Dad's. We headed up there despite the freezing cold temperatures (-4 at his house). We had a great time, but was glad to make the drive home. I was exhausted once again.

Today...we did pretty much nothing. I did laundry, cleaned and took care of some things that had been pushed to the side over the past week. Now I am simply battling to get Boo asleep, as that has not changed.

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year, and that you all enjoy the kids going BACK TO SCHOOL!


Megan said...

Sounds like a fantastic week! You are so lucky that you had off from work. I have alot of catching up on blogs to do after the crazy December we had...

An Iowa Mom said...

Wow ... I'm tired just reading that! You're gonna need a vacation after your vacation ... :)

Glad it was a nice holiday for you all. :)

Terra said...

Crazy busy! I can't believe the girls here go back to school tomorrow...Wish I didn't have an appointment that took up all my alone time!!!