Saturday, December 05, 2009

I made Meatballs

I made meatballs for the first time on Sunday.

I know Big Sis is shaking her head in disgust.

I also am making enchilada's this week for the first time.

I am not a cook. I get by, but it is not something I overly enjoy. I tend to let things distract me, like Sunday early evening.


To the point it was MUCH, not even noodles anymore. A big pile of MUSH. We had grilled cheese instead.

So, I try to cook more. I try to make more things besides me normal...5 dishes. It is getting better, but I need more simple recipes.

I work full time outside the house, so on the nights I get home late (like Monday) I like to be able to prep something the night before, like the meatballs. I cooked them Sunday and all Hubby had to do was reheat them in the sauce and ready! It worked out really well I think.

So, I need some ideas. What can I make ahead, or at least prep a bit, that will sit well in the fridge? We are a huge meat house, always have something, and always have some sort of veggie with each meal, if Hubby had his way it would be covered in cheese every time.

So, help me out Bloggy World!!!

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Big Sis said...

I did totally shake my head!!! Yay for you!!! I want a meatball :-).