Saturday, November 07, 2009

Five For Fighting - Review

For many years I have been listening to Five for Fighting, the music speaks so clearly. John Ondrasik is the song writer for Five for Fighting, and the singer. His voice is so mellow, calming and true. He writes the way he sings, deeply personal.

Listening to the newest album, Slice, has been great. Hearing his voice, his words and the simple way he delivers both is pure joy.

From the website:

If every album provides snapshots of where an artist's mind at heart is at the moment, Slice, the latest offering from John Ondrasik (aka Five for Fighting), is a collection of digital jpegs and faded Polaroids.

The very personal level of his songs is something so few artists have, so many don’t write their own music. This is something that drew me to him, and kept me hooked from the beginning.

Not only is John Ondrasik a wonderful musician, he is involved in social media and more importantly some wonderful charities. In 2007 John launched the charity website It raises money for many charities when visitors view videos provided by other visitors. The current view count…3 million! That translate to $300,000 donated.

John is also a strong supporter of the US Troops. He has performed at Guantanamo Bay, Hawaii, Guam & Japan through USO Tours. With that John created a CD of fabulous recording that is available to any active service person for free!

John has composed songs for many movies, most recently August Rush, We Were Solders and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. He was also featured on a promo for the new show The Good Wife this past week.

Five For Fighting’s newest album “Slice” is a strong contender for my new favorite, it has power, patience and quiet. It fits so well with any mood, something that is important as I constantly listen to my Ipod at work.

Many thanks to One2One Network for the chance to hear Five For Fighting’s newest album Slice!

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