Sunday, October 25, 2009


Yesterday was a whirlwind of a day. Wait...back up.

For my birthday, Ma and Big Sis wanted to take me shopping, because I never do for myself. Usually when I do, I end up getting stuff for the kids. It is just easier than dealing with finding clothes. I have no patience. So when they offered I knew it was their way of telling me that I needed some new stuff, so I said sure.

Last week I e-mailed my Fashion Guru of a friend Jo-Lynne, asking for HELP. I had no idea was in style or what was out there. I just don't pay attention. I am a jeans and t-shirt girl. She came to my rescue and gave me some great ideas, along with asking others to chime in as well. It helped so much! I got a great base for what I needed, and what was as in style as I would go.

So, yesterday I spent about 75% of my day in a dressing room. We started at Clothes Mentor, a consignment shop that sells 99% name brand clothes. It was FABULOUS!! If you have one by you GO THERE for clothes! We founds so much fabulous stuff, 2 pairs of pants, 3 sweaters and a cardigan. It was wonderful. Their selection was great, even having the bigger sizes. Oh, and you can sell your clothes to them and they pay CASH on the spot! How fabulous is that!! Seriously, go there.

Next up, Ma's personal heaven...SHOES! We went to Schuler Shoes because of my knees. I have major problems wearing anything over an inch heal and normally they need to be the chunky kinds. So, I knew it was going to be interesting. Ma loves them because they give you great service, will fit your foot the RIGHT WAY (who knew there was a wrong way!) and tell you the best kind of shoes if you don't know. I got two pair, and they are FABULOUS!!

These are Nita's from Trotter. They remind me of an actual ballet flat, more like a Toe Shoe really. They are SO COMFORTABLE! I have been wearing them tonight to make the bottoms scuffed a bit, and oh my heavens they are fabulous.
These are Janison's from Naturalizer. If you don't know Naturalizer (and I didn't before) they are not just for old ladies anymore (like I thought...sorry Ma). They have the cutest shoes, and I never got to wear the cute shoe before. They are uber comfy, and something I can wear everyday if I wanted to.

I mean really, how fabulous are these! I am now a shoe lover, as opposed to before.

Next up, was Dress Barn which was right across the walkway. I had never been in there before, again pre-stereotypes and all. It was OUTSTANDING! I found the BEST PANTS EVER in that store. I wanted to show them to you, but can't find the picture online, so you just have to trust, me. You can actually see them in this picture, the light grey/black/PURPLE pants dead center, with the purple top on them. HOW GORGEOUS are they! Love them!

After Dress Barn, we hit Kohl's and got me some super comfy Dockers and some wonderful shirts that are work comfy, and that I would wear outside of the office. I always find stuff at Kohl's!

After Kohl's it was time for stuff that is not fun for me...under garments. This is a constant battle for me, I am...gifted in that area. We tried one the "normal" stores and it was not happening, to the point of melt down. Yes I am 30, leave me alone.

So we hit Lane Bryant and let me TELL YOU! They know their stuff about under garments of all kinds. Especially when we told them what happened at the other store they were there for me and beyond! They really deserve a post in themselves, but we will gel it into here.

Did you know that when I was trying things on, the sales rep came over MULTIPLE times to see how things were fitting. She asked about how it was laying, how it was feeling and even what I THOUGHT about it! I have never been asked THAT before! Also, did you know things should FIT RIGHT? Who would have thought it! She was outstanding, definitely a place I will be getting my...undergarments from in the future.

The last place we hit? Barnes and Noble. Why? Because I had to pre-order THIS, really go look it is worth it. Not only did I get the book, but next month The Pioneer Woman is coming HERE, well not to my house but to the Mall of America. Andrea and I will be there with out cookbooks in hand just waiting. She is amazing if you haven't "met" her before. I can't wait! Her book tour starts on Tuesday in Oklahoma and then she is making her way. I am excited to follow her trip!

After wearing Ma out, Big Sis and I took Boo out for dinner. We had some laughs, because Boo is just a nut when she is caught up on her sleep (woohoo!). It was a great end to the day.

I am so grateful that Big Sis and Ma realize that I won't shop for myself, but even more so that they love me enough to do this for me. It was an amazing day, one that I won't forget. We had some great conversations, and realized a lot about each other. It was great, and I can't wait for more time together.


Megan (mommyesquire) said...

Isn't quality time with mom and your sister priceless? Looks like you had a fantastic day!

everydayMOM said...

I just bought my first pair of Naturalizers this weekend, too! It was tough, since I don't usually equate them with style and fashion. But I'm loving them!

Glad you had fun shopping!

Anonymous said...

What a busy, fun day! So glad you were able to find stuff you liked. That is always the hardest for me. And I usually don't give myself an entire day - usually just a few hours so I feel rushed.

Looks like you had a great day!

BlueCastle said...

Now that sounds like a great day. :) Loooove those shoes! Especially the Naturalizer ones. So cute. And yes, Lane Bryant rocks for the...unmentionables. :) I have been buying my "items" there for many years now. It's the only place I can find "things" that fit really good. And now I'm blushing even though there's no one around to see me...