Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Boy, I mean a Girl and her Dog

When we brought Koda home, we were sure he would bond instantly with Hunter. A Boy and his Dog is a friendship that can last a lifetime.

But man were we wrong!

Koda did bond with one of the kids, but it was Boo not Hunter. This surprised us, but not completely. She has such a kind way with everything, we knew they would be good together. We just didn't expect the devotion from Koda.

When Boo is getting up in the morning, the second that Koda hears her stirring in her room he is outside her door. He sits there and waits for the "loving" that he knows will come. She talks to him, "Hiiiiiiii Buddy, did you miss me? Did you have good sleep? Who's my good boy?". It is such a wonderful moment, that I watch it every morning.

When Boo gets on the bus, Koda is right there watching. He won't go inside until the bus is out of sight. He watches, just making sure HIS little girl is safe.

When she comes home, he hears the bus before any of us do. He is waiting at the door, jumping around so excited that she is FINALLY home. When she steps off the bus, her smile lights us. Not from seeing us, but from seeing Koda waiting for her. He wouldn't miss it. The talk and play for a long time before she even gets in the house.

But my favorite, and the most difficult to get on film, is when Boo goes downstairs.

I don't know what he is thinking, whether it is that she is missing, gone or just wants to make sure she is coming back, but he sits and waits for her. Watches down the stairs, from a couple different angles, and the minute she is back in sight he is his happy self again.

The bond Boo and Koda has is wonderful, after only 5 months. He loves her to distraction and I think the feeling is mutual.

(Every time I have tried to get a picture of it, he moves. I distract him or something and he moves away. But always, he goes back. This shot is the only one I have, and could it have been more blurry!).

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Megan (mommyesquire) said...

So sweet! My parents got a lab when I was 16 and she is still my baby. She slept in my room when I lived at home and I spent many nights crying to her about boys..

Boo and Koda will have that bond forever...