Friday, October 16, 2009

Boo's Room - the Finished Product

I was reminded last week by my IRL friend Andrea that I hadn't posted the last of Boo's room pictures. I was slacking...sorry. lol

So, this post is really picture heavy, just bear with me, you will love it.

First is Boo's three drawer night-stand. It was in Hunters room for many years, and before that in Hubby's room at his parents house. It has been beaten up, repaired and repainted more times than I can count. When it was Hunter's it was forest green with dark brown shelves to match his old room theme.

I sanded down the entire thing, drawers too. It was easy to do, just a pain. I was covered in green and brown flecks. After that I primed it, to cover the dark colors.

Once that was dry, I spray painted the main part of the shelves a silver. It matches a lot of things in her room, and adds to the girly/glam look she wanted. The drawers were painted the three colors of her square wall with silver drawer pulls. Because of how skinny (and shoddy) the drawers are it took a while to find short enough drawer pulls. That was the hardest part of it.
Here is the finished look:

Next up was her bed. It was a garage sale find, one that we loved. It was cream with posts on the headboard, but they had been broken on the foot end. I sawed off the broken parts on the end of the bed, and sanded it all down using a power sander (power tools are FUN!!). This was easy, except the foot board had some trim that was sort of the pain.

Orginally I was going to paint only the trim silver and the rest white, but once we saw how cool it looked silver I couldn't resist. It was easy to paint, using the same silver spray paint we used on the night stand. I just laid the bed down on a tarp in the yard and did one side at a time. I sealed it will a clear gloss, so the paint wouldn't chip later on.

Now that it is all done, I LOVE IT! It looks so glamorous in her room, and she loves that bed is so different from everyone elses.

We also did one of her hanging shelves in silver, along with a metal sign I had won from An Iowa Mom long ago. It simply says "Dream" and is hanging on a white shelve above her bed. It is a perfect fit in there.
Here is a shot of her finished room, well as finished as it is right now. There are a few other things I want to do, mirrors and picture frames mostly. It is a very girly room, and she loves it.

If only it was clean...


andi said...

Thank you for FINALLY posting pictures. :) It turned out great! Wonderful job! And she looks so darn proud sitting on the bed! :)

melissa said...

wow! look out, hgtv, here you come!!

Hairline Fracture said...

Very creative! It looks great.

Megan (mommyesquire) said...

Wow - the fact that you can do so much of that yourself amazes me! It looks great!

BlueCastle said...

That silver paint is awesome! I love how you did the whole bed with it. So cool. :)