Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Zhu Zhu Pets Review and Giveaway

I am always on the hunt for fun toys for Boo. She loves animals, wants more pets and needs something that she will enjoy.

When I had the opportunity to review Zhu Zhu Pets for MomSelect I jumped at the chance. We had seen them on tv in the past few weeks, and Boo was interested enough that she squealed when the box arrived last week.

She didn’t want to wait long to dive in, but we had to for a few days. But tonight was the night. Big Sis was here for dinner, so I had some extra hands to get things set up, and I am thankful I did! No sooner was something out of the box did Boo have it on the floor ready to go.

Boo loves Zhu Zhu Pets. She thinks they are adorable, even using that “mommy voice” she thinks she needs to use when talking to something cute. As annoying as that voice is, she is happy and LOVING the Zhu Zhu Pets.

Some info:
Zhu Zhu Pets are interactive hamsters that move, talk (in a strange voice) and can move around their habitats and “fun areas”. There are 9 different play sets that can connected to create a large habitat for your hamster.

If you pet your Zhu Zhu Pet, it squeaks, talks and makes some cool noises. Boo loves this part of it! I had to remind her a couple times that it wasn’t a real hamster, after she tried to bring it to bed with her.

Zhu Zhu Pets are made for children 4 and up, but I would put it more at 6 for moving the toy and simple assembly. There was no way Boo could have put the habitats together, they can be a bit difficult. Once assembly and some simple instructions she was off, making her hamster scoot around the “home”.

The website is full of helpful information, from trouble shooting tips to FAQ's about the products. I spent a great deal of time navigating around the site, and found everything I looked for, which is not always the case. This was a huge plus for me.

While it is great Zhu Zhu Pets can move on their own, we did find that they got stuck going up the ramp and getting into the Hamster Wheel. Once you gave them a bit of a nudge they were on their way, but that was frustrating at first.

We also found that once you have the tunnels connected, it can be hard to get them apart again. While the adults would eventually be able to get them apart, there is no way Boo could do it, or even Hunter. We set the rule that she had to ask for help, and that works fine for us.

All in all, Zhu Zhu Pets are a great toy. They are cute, fun and something new. Boo has been playing with hers all day today!

**Want to win a Hamster w/ Slide and Ramp? Leave a comment letting me what you like about Zhu Zhu Pets to be entered.

For an extra entry, tweet the contest and leave me the link.

Winner will be drawn on Sunday September 6th.

Big thanks to MomSelect for this great giveaway!


Mary said...

I love that these toys are good for both boys and girls (I have 2 sons and a daughter). I also like that there are so many fun accessories.

mfalcon13 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Jody said...

Oh. My. Gosh. Because we have no TV I hadn't seen this. My girls would lose. their. minds! They would love to have a hamster but it's a no-go with the dog (and the cage cleaning/poop/stink). Did I mention we have birthdays coming up? Caelan would love this!

A Trailer Park Mom said...

We just saw this on TV today & I told the girls that if we got another pet, this would be the one we get! lol They would love to own one.

crazy4mygirls (at) gmail (dot) com

JackieN said...

I love that the hamsters can climb into a hamstermobile and drive by themselves!

Shannon said...

I think these "pets" are adorable and I know my girls would LOVE them. My favorite part? No mess, LOL!


Cara said...

I like that kids can enjoy some of the fun of "owning" a pet, without the work and mess :)

Mary said...

These hamsters are the next big thing to the real pet. (Dream come true for parents). My son loves anything that moves and with all these habitats he'll really think it's alive.

SH said...

i love that their are a bunch of different playsets

Jennai said...

I like it that I don't have to clean up after them or feed them!
HobartsMama at AOL.COM

Dolphin Girl said...

I love that they will not cause my allergies to go crazy. We can't have real pets becuase allergies are so bad, but these are so close to the real thing. My kids would love them!

Cocoa Lover said...

I love that they don't poop. No mess to clean up!

Kristine Michelle said...

And they don't die!
AllMyCrazyCats @ AOL.com