Wednesday, September 09, 2009

It wouldn't be normal day without something going wrong

2nd Grade.

I think there is some sick twisted game going on. There is no WAY my little girl is starting 2nd grade.

She was up on time, eating her breakfast as we reviewed all the important information: bus number, lunch pin number (remember when we had tickets...the good ole days), what to do if something happened to her cast and her classroom number. We sat and talked about what she was excited about (new teacher, new friends, new bus) and what she wasn't (quiet time topped the list). She wondered if her friend was in her class, and remembered that another wasn't for the first time.

As the time drew near, Hubby got her out to her stop, our driveway (score!) and they waited. Almost on time the bus came down the road, and she was off for her first day in her same-but-revamped-school.

As 3:15 came closer, Hubby waited for Boo to get home. Excited to hear about her day, and wanting to make sure his little girl had "the best day ever". As 3:30 came, he called me, "She's not here!". Not to panic...but almost 20 minutes late.

I told Hubby to call the Transportation Department, it was the first day so they may just be late. He called, and they FREAKED him out, "We can't get the bus on the radio" and then "the bus is in {CITY NAME}" which is on the other SIDE of our city. Not good. They corrected where the bus was (love GPS on buses!) and said it was coming down the hill right now (the person had typed in the wrong number), he looked and there it was.

Boo was home, smiles and giggles as Hubby gave her hugs and kisses. She was safe and happy.

Her first day was great. She was nervous, but almost half her kindergarten class is in this class, so she had friends. She had Science and LOVES the new teacher that has a very strong background (bonus for a Science school...don't you think....).

Boo was happy. She talked our ear off, telling us stories of class time, recess and the bus ride "Mom...I got to ride in the WAY back! The WAY back the little seat. Can you believe it" as she grinned from ear to ear (she got high-fives for that, the way back is huge! lol).

Boo was happy. Her first day was a success.

Now, lets see how day two went.


Hairline Fracture said...

Sounds like a great day even with the bus being late (which would totally freak me out). She is a cutie!

girlymama said...

glad she had such a great day!! (even while stopping your heart ;-)

Megan (mommyesquire) said...

I am so glad that she had such a great day! She looks so grown-up and independent and beautiful in those pictures!