Sunday, August 30, 2009

Open Letter to the Marines at the Minnesota State Fair.

Dear Marines at the Minnesota State Fair.

One word...FAIL.

Major awesome shockingly HUGE FAIL.

Thank you, for telling my 12 year old that he couldn't do the pull-up challenge.

Thank you for telling my already insecure 12 year old that he was "Too small" (yes, the idiot said it).

Thank you for telling my 12 year old, who has wanted to be a marine since he was 4, that he couldn't do a challenge that I GUARANTEE he could WHOOP YOUR BUTT on.

Oh, and should I mention that at our County Fair THOSE Marines LET HIM DO IT, and he WON. He beat 3 grown men who dropped out and he KEPT GOING getting over 20 pull ups in less than a minute. The 12 year old has the arms to keep on going, long after your butt falls off.

Thank you for diminishing the dream of a 12 year old, who now tells us "I don't think I want to be a Marine, not if they are all mean like that guy". CRAP

Our family has a long history in the Marines, and the rest of the armed forces. Uncles, Grandparents and Cousins serving our country, and you shame that memory with this.

Never have I been so ashamed, angry and just plain PISSED OFF at a member of any branch of the Armed Forces. Never.

Oh, and the words you had with my Ma is nothing compared to mine...hope your ready for my SCATHING letter I am writing to your commanding officer when I get his information tonight. You have not heard that last of me.

Maybe the Navy, Army or Coast Guard will help children who want to succeed. I now have my doubts in you.




princetrumpet said...

And, of course, if the 12 year-old had hurt himself doing the pull-ups you wouldn't have sued or anything like that, right? Of course not, perish the thought.

Use your head. If they didn't let him do it, there was likely a good reason they chose not to share because of your belligerent attitude.

If this puts him off from being a Marine, then you're right. He probably shouldn't be one.

girlymama said...

ohmyword - that's terrible!
don't listen to "princetrumpet." even if there was a reason that they didn't want him to participate, those marines should have acted in politely. it was a silly state fair. not boot camp.
(they were probably there to get some good PR - so you would think that being rude would not have been in their orders.)
and - princetrumpet - i think an out-of-shape adult would be much more likely to "sue" than a 12-year-old, don't you?

Hairline Fracture said...

I'm so sorry he had a bad experience with that Marine. There is just no excuse for rudeness.

BigSis said...

Apparantly "prince" trumpet (that's reaching) hasn't been reading your blog or he would know you aren't sue-happy but a truly genuine person who loves her family. As someone who was there it was ridiculous to witness and from a recruitment standpoint, why would you turn away a future soldier of your organization ... shouldn't we all be motivating to interested children, not rude and demoralizing? I don't get the thought process! Proud of you girl!!!

kristine said...

I cannot believe they told him he was too small. Who are they to say? That frustrates me to the core. I'm so sorry they told him that. Poor guy.