Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Summer can really begin

It is time...

Starting on Thursday Hunter will be here for the remainder of the summer...everyday except for 4 when he goes camping with his mom.


I am so excited, but so nervous.

We tried this before, and had mixed results. But, Hunter was 7 the last time. 5 years ago.

We have so much planned, so much that he normally misses out on during the summer months. places to go, things to see and excursions to partake in.

Plus, just think of all the time he will have to bond with the family again. How close we will all get. How much love will be in this house.

I can't wait.

I miss him when he is gone.


AmyG said...

Sounds like you have some fun stuff planned. Praying that it all goes better than you could imagine!

To Think is to Create said...

I hope it all goes amazingly!

Melody said...

How exciting! I hope you guys have a great time together.