Sunday, June 21, 2009

We're going to win Twins...

Being the goon that I am, Hubby got his Father's Day present on Thursday. I can't keep secrets from him, and he already knew what it was anyway. He is super smart like that.

Last night, the kids and I took Hubby to the Twins Game. We lost, but still had such a blast. Boo saw her first (three) home run and I got to see the Houston Astro's coach get ejected...never seen that before. It was fabulous!

We even saw a cousin there, as we were 5 rows up from their season tickets. It was a nice surprise, we didn't know who in his family would be there.

We had foul balls fly over our heads (as I pushed Boo to the and some RUDE people in the last row. But, it was great. Lemonade, hot dogs, pretzels, peanuts and popcorn. It was perfect.

Boo got her face painted, professing her love for Joe Mauer, and then proceeded to yell and cheer like she was on Arsenio Hall every time he was up to bat.

That's him behind the plate...

Before the game, there are all kinds of festivities on the Twins Plaza. Players doing autographs, games and food. Of course, Hubby found the beer right away. That is where Boo got her face painted, and Hunter got a team photo taken...can you find him?

We had the best time, and will do it again the summer I hope. The entire family loves baseball games, and these guys are our favorite!

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Katie said...

...We're gonna score! j/k Sounds like you guys had an awesome time!! I, myself, am a Joe Nathan I like all the Joe's on the Twins team! :)