Friday, June 12, 2009


I am sitting her listening to the Friends episode where Ross says the wrong name...I am still surprised that Emily didn't deck his butt.

Things are calming down finally.

Boo is feeling better. She is sleeping about 12 hours a night and still on two meds but doing much better. She gave us a scare, and we aren't done yet.

I am slowly getting back on my feet. The stress of moving, Koda and then Boo getting sick has hit me hard this past week. I am sleeping a ton, but still tired. I can't focus...

Oh look...a butterfly...

...and things are not going as I want them too.

There have been a great deal of things thrown at Hubby and I the past couple weeks, lots of negative energy and attitudes. But you know what, we are pushing through and moving right along.

Time will slow down at some point right? Maybe I will get to catch my breath at some point...maybe?

Who has a clue about that. What I do know is that tomorrow I will get up and keep going. Boo and I will make the 45 minute trek to a birthday party, and then a grad party with Hubby after.

Sunday has been deemed gardening day. We are going to plant the tomato plants that Big Sis, BIL and our DC Friend brought us (did you know there is a kind called Big Girl Tomato's!) and spend some time just us.

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AmyG said...

So glad to hear that Boo is finally feeling better. Sorry about all the other negative stuff going on. Will be keeping you all in prayer. I hope the gardening day is a lot of fun & will give you a few hours of peace.