Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Yard is ours

I am sitting here lurking at the Old Navy Weekly coupon site just waiting for the new ones to load. I haven't had a ton of luck so far, but this week might change that. Mama needs new flip-flops... This weekend we finally took care of this branch, and a bunch of other ones too. Spent a good 4 hours raking, chopping and chipping wood, leaves and pine needles. Thankfully Ma and Brother-In-Law came over to help us out. It would have taken us FOREVER otherwise.

We have 15 bags of leaves, branches and grass plus the yard receptacle. 15 Bags!! Holy Schmooly! Plus, all of this was from what we thought was a sand-box, but is in fact a garden! Who would have thought.

Hubby was all over getting that branch down, chain saw and all. He had a field day, and even found MORE things to cut down...boys and their toys. Once I opened my eyes and the branch was down, we chipped away.

Renting a wood chipper is probably the best thing we did all weekend. Sorting and bundling all the branches would have taken days. Instead, we had the chipper for just over two hours and got everything done that could go through it. My Dad is taking all the logs.

Hubby just plugged in his ipod, BIL had some ear plugs and they went to town. BIL even found some old wood buried in the woodsy area behind us that they chipped.

Koda was in his kennel, he is scared of pretty much anything right now. Boo hid in the basement to avoid the noise, otherwise she was outside helping us all day. We got a ton done, but there is still a lot more to do. Next weekend we are weeding along the fence, maybe we will know better what is growing over there.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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