Sunday, May 17, 2009

The weekend...for lack of a better title

We are all moved in, stacks of boxes have been handed off to a friend that is moving and the bubble wrap is in the car for another.

The garage is clean, organized and things in the right place.

Laundry is going in my very own washing machine. I don't have anyone pounding upstairs, or leaving their stuff all over the entry way. kids stuff but that doesn't count.

I have so many stories about this move, like how the street was pretty much shut down on Friday...

Koda is sleeping at my feet.


You don't know who Koda is?

This is Koda!

Koda is an 8 week old Yellow/White Labrador. We got him on Friday night, after day one of moving. Yes, we are crazy to do it all in one weekend.

But who wouldn't love this face...

Koda is high energy, loving and full of puppiness. He loves everyone, even after we scold him. Being a puppy, he is teething like crazy so everything goes in the mouth. It is just like a baby, sort of.
Koda's name means "Friend" in Dakota Sioux, and is also the name of the little dog in Brother Bear. We thought it was fitting because he has a bear shaped head and he will be the kid's best friend. Plus, Boo loves running around going "Like Ko-DUH", a line from the movie.
Now, Hunter does not know about him, so no one tell him. He is having a hard enough time at school that we didn't want to add to the distraction.

The weekend is winding down, and I am about to curl up with Koda. Sleep is calling early, especially since Koda has been up at 6 each day so far.

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girlymama said...

ohmyWORD!!!! GORGEOUS!! congratulations!!!