Sunday, May 03, 2009

Three days in a row...Wow

For someone who was going to step back for the move I am posting more in the two days than all week. Oh well!

The tournament went well. Hunter did a good job, and was above average for the series. I don't think it was enough to place, but he had a great time.

We had Big Sis and her Hubby over for dinner last night, and within an hour I had a headache from laughing so much. Between all of us it is a constant thing lately. I love it.

Today was Hunter's packing day. He won't be back here until after the move, so we had to go through all his stuff to see what was to small and what he didn't like/use anymore. It took us about 2 hours, but it was great. We now have three boxes of just clothes and I am waiting for the last of the laundry to get done to finish his stuff off.

The kids are outside playing ball until we have to bring Hunter home. With Boo playing baseball, Hunter is giving her some tips. "Two Hands, move to the ball, eyes open" all that fun stuff. Of course when I say it, it doesn't count.

While they are doing that, I am tackling box filled garage. We can't find anything in here, but hopefully soon. I am packing away this weekend, getting as much done as I can. It is going to be a long two weeks!


Shannon ( said...

When we moved, we rented a dumpster. It sat on our driveway and we filled it in no time! Best thing we ever did. Although we are not moving now, I would like to rent another one just to get rid of all the junk that has accumulated! Have fun!

K-Mom said...

Girl, I don't envy you on the move. It's the moving OUT part I hate, the moving IN part is actually kind of fun.

Terra said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE BOWLING and hate moving so much I may never do it again.