Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

Today is Mother's Day, but in my is Packing Day!!

Ma, Big Sis and I spent a better part of the day packing and getting things organized for the move next weekend...6 days people...

But, we did take a break for some pampering, we decided to get pedicures and bring Boo along too.

We all were in a line, feet soaking on the baths. Boo kept telling us "how wonderful!" it all was, until her feet started getting tickled. Talk about a ticklish girl.

I wasn't much better. It is like I am having convulsions in the leg when I get a pedicure...very ticklish.

But we all had a great time, and Boo told us that next time she would purple like me.

Next time???

I have created a MONSTER!!


Terra said...

My Hailey LOVE LOVE LOVES getting her nails done. she would go every day if I could afford it


Happy mothers and packing day.

Julie From Inmates said...

Oh, a daughter would be so much fun!!!! Cute picture. =) Happy Mother's Day, girl!