Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Want a Coooool Rider...

Grease 2 is on, and I love cheesy musicals. They crack me up, and have the best music. Plus, I love pretty much anything that has Michelle Pfeiffer in it.

Packing is my life right now. We are making major progress but it is Tuesday, and as my friend Jen pointed out to me tonight "You are so not ready". Thanks dear...love you too.

But, there is something very important that I just learned and I had to share it with you.


When using a tape gun to seal up boxes, do NOT use it by your feet. This could result in a minor scratch along the top of your freshly pedicured feet.

I am just saying.

They are dangerous!

Back to packing and singing strange musical songs. Oh and laugh at the hair.


Mrs. Schmitty said...


Terra said...

I HATE packing and I always manage to get a HUGE paper cut from the cardboard boxes.