Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Take me out to the ball game...maybe

I was looking forward to a quiet Thursday and Friday...nothing to do. Time to get caught up on the things I have been slacking on. Time to spend with Hubby, something that doesn't get to happen as often as we would normally like.

That has gone out the window.


I don't read schedules.

Baseball starts this Thursday, not next Thursday.


And if they play or not is up in the air right now as a rough day of weather moves in for tomorrow.

So I just might get to have a night of quiet after all!


Shannon ( said...

Just in case you do not get a quiet Thursday evening, I am wishing you a nice Friday evening! BTW, Kiki doesn't seem to like lacrosse b/c the mouth guard really annoys her. She ended up crying in the middle of the practice b/c it was hurting her so much. But I'll have her stick it out until the end.

Terra said...

so we are very secretly praying for inclement weather right?