Friday, April 03, 2009

A Memo to me...

Note to self...

When you KNOW you have a strained muscle in your back that has been causing you SO MUCH PAIN all week long, DO NOT go to Wal-Mart and promise Boo that we can "take our time" and look at all the fun spring stuff.

AND DO NOT then go to Target where they have what you are actually looking for after Wal-Mart did not.

Lastly, DO NOT stop at Subway after you promised Boo 5 times we could have it tonight. Especially when you know that this was their busiest time of day.

Why you might ask?

Because by the time you get home, you will be in so much pain that your pain medication will NOT EVEN BEGIN to touch it, and you will take a muscle relaxer too.

Now, I am heading to bed to lay on the heating pad and will my back to heal before Monday.


K-Mom said...

You're such a good mom to play through the pain like that! Hope you get to feeling better soon!

Terra said...

OH NO! I am so sorry about your back. But I do have good news! YOu WON over on my place! The Ficklets. COme over and check it out and send me an email with an address to mail your goodies too!!!