Friday, April 24, 2009

The awwww factor

Last night Hubby, Boo and I went to visit a friend. She had knee surgery a couple weeks ago, and is finally on the mend.

Even more exciting, her Black Lab had puppies...and they were ready for some people lovin!

I was all over that. So was Boo. And Hubby can never turn his back on a cute puppy.

Or three of them.

We walked in, and I almost dropped my stuff in a rush to snuggle with these little balls of fur. The Yellow Lab is the oldest and biggest. He came out almost a full day before his brother and sister, and took advantage of the open feeding time. The two Black Labs, one boy and one girl, were smaller but had just as much energy. All three were all over the place exploring and chewing on everything in sight.

For some reason they liked the tab on the back of our tennis shoes. And Hubby's wind pants.

Boo snuggled on the black ones to sleep on her lap, absently scratching his head. I think she had the hardest time leaving when our visit was over. She told me "I dreamed about puppies".

And wouldn't you?


Megan (mommyesquire) said...

Ohhhh. They make me want another puppy. We have a 15 (yes! 15!) year old yellow lab and a 6 year old black lab. My first babies!

Terra said...

You were so right that got a HUGE awwwww out of me!

Jaye @ said...

These pups are absolutely adorable! It kind of makes me want another :)

To Think is to Create said...

Awwww how cute! I want to snuggle.

K-Mom said...

They are so sweet! This world would be a dark, dark place if it weren't for chocolate and puppies!