Monday, March 30, 2009

Running Around

This weekend the kids and I ran some errands while Hubby did a short round of golf. It was chilly, but some of the courses were open for the weekend, he needed it.

The kids and I headed to Wal-Mart to scope out the home decor section (I like Wal-Mart for that over Target any day). We wandered around the store getting ideas and looking at colors. I will have a kitchen and bathroom to pain if all goes well (the rest of the house is fabulous color wise).

I wanted a light yellow in the kitchen, some thing to brighten up the mornings but not blind me as I walked in. We found the perfect placemat to pull the colors from, is that normal? It is three different blues, tan, red and yellow. Most likely we will pull the yellow and tans for the walls and use blue as the "accent" color for towels and such.

We also took a look at the bedroom furniture that Wal-Mart carries. They have great Captain's beds, with and without the headboards. Hunter loves his loft bed, but if he moves into the basement his bed won't fit...darn drop ceilings. So we are on the hunt for a new bed for him. He loves the Captain's bed he has at his Mom's house, so we told him we could find one for him.

But I found this one online this morning and LOVE IT! I don't know if he would, but I think the cubes are a cool idea. I like this one too, with the double levels of drawers, yet still a Captain's bed.

We will be keeping a watchful eye on CraigsList, my favorite website EVER, to see if we can find one for a better price. I love finding great deals on Craigslist.


Julie From Inmates said...

I love that bed with all the cubes under it. Very practical.

Mrs. Schmitty said...

You wanna come over here and paint when your done there? The whole house could use a fresh coat. I'm sick of trying to clean off the fingerprints.

K-Mom said...

I LOVE buying stuff for my house. Craigslist rocks!!! (and so do estate sales). They just had one in my neighborhood yesterday, but I was late for an appointment. It took all my willpower to drive by!

I hope all goes well with your house.