Monday, March 23, 2009

For the love...

I don't have a ton of pet peeves...really I don't.

Please note I didn't say I don't have ANY, just not a ton.

My biggest one is so simple.

So easy.


If you are going to call my house...leave a stinkin message if no one answers.

Easy as that.

See, not hard.

I was always taught that if you had time to call someone, you had time to leave a message. If I don't leave a message, I don't expect someone to call me back.

I don't call people back that DON'T leave a message. It is rude and I will not encourage it. I don't care how important it is. If it was that important you would leave a message.

"Hey it's me, call me"

How hard is that. 10 seconds max.

This weekend Hubby and I were inundated with phone calls. We were gone 85% of the weekend.

Guess how many left a message.


And there were 15 numbers on the caller id.


I don't think it is that hard.

Is it?


Terra said...

Oh how I agree with that. I also hate the unanswered email...some don't require an answer but the ones that do??? If your busy just shoot me a "write ya later"

Julie From Inmates said...

WOW! I just assume they were only calling to chit-chat. It would never occur to me that not leaving a message was rude. I'll remember that the next time I phone someone. Thanks for the heads-up!